This is something you WILL want to re-live again through video and photos.
How else will mum or your mate’s believe you did it?

Photos  $115

  •  Hi-resolution images on USB or DVD
  •  Up to 300 photos
  •  Recorded on Go-Pro – Handicam 

Video $135

  • Full documentary in HD from the interview on the ground to the post jump debrief. You will play this for years to come

Video & Photo Package $170

  • Have the best of both worlds with photos and video on USB
  • Recorded on Go-Pro Handicam

Outside Camera add-on $150

  • You can elect to pay extra on top of your photos, video or video & photo package and have your jump recorded by your own personal camera flier. This is only available to those who have selected the handicam option. It is not a stand-alone option

AFF Outside Camera $125

  • Have your first solo skydive recorded by your own cameraman