Goulburn’s first female four-way skydiving team will compete in the country’s premier skydiving event next week in Victoria.

The intermediate team, Goulburn Glory, started training together early this year with the aim of showcasing Goulburn’s talent to the rest of the country.

The team includes two Goulburn Skydive instructors, Deb Hobbs and Dawn Tratt, two new jumpers, Trinity Carson and Maria Baldwin, alongside cameraman Mat Hawkins.

The team have learned a series of 24 different formations, which they have been practicing in the sky and at the indoor skydiving centre in Penrith.

The competition will involve 10 jumps, whereby the girls will be given four randomly selected formations per jump which they will need to repeat in sequence as accurately and quickly as possible within 35 seconds.

Cameraman Mat Hawkins will film each jump from above, and his footage will then be judged on the ground.


The team’s aims are: to nail their exits, which involves all women jumping out together in a linked and stable formation, to fly smoothly and calmly, have fun and most of all land safely.

Goulburn Glory is sponsored by Adrenalin Skydive Goulburn, the tandem and Accelerated Freefall company located at Goulburn Airport. 

The 2018 National Skydiving Championships is hosted by the country’s governing skydiving body the Australian Parachute Federation. 

The Australian National Skydiving Championships, Skydive Nagambie north of Melbourne, March 12 – 18.